Home Fitness What are the best cable machines for fitness that don’t cost a fortune

What are the best cable machines for fitness that don’t cost a fortune

What are the best cable machines for fitness that don’t cost a fortune

If you have decided this is the year you get fit, you have probably already signed up for a gym membership.

Before you head down there and begin working out, however, you should familiarize yourself with the best cable machine for fitness. That way, you can begin using machines that will be the most effective in your journey to get fit, right from the first day you start.


4-station multi-gym — If you want to be able to stay at one machine and work a whole slew of muscles, the 4-station multi-gym is the first machine you should use.

These multi-gyms come with a variety of modules so you can exercise many parts of your body. Those modules include units to work legs, chests, shoulders, abs, triceps and gluts.

Learn how to use each module the most effectively and you could work out much of your body without moving from that one machine.


Adjustable cable crossover machine — Another of the best cable machines for fitness is the adjustable cable crossover machine.

This machine is the perfect machine for working out chest muscles as it can be used for working out both upper and lower pecs. This is due to the machine being able to be adjusted so that, if you use it from its highest position, it works your lower pecs.

If you then adjust it so that it is set at its lowest position, the way you will then pull the cable works out your upper pecs as well.


The cable crossover machine is also an excellent workout machine for beginners as it is easy to understand and simple to use. Once you are seated you also only need to adjust the machine a couple of times during your workout, thus making it one that is not time-intensive in its set up.

5-stack jungle gym — This 5-stack machine allows the user to participate in five different exercises without having to move to a different station.

It has both a seated station for exercises that require a sitting position and a lat pull down station.

As the 5-stack jungle gym can also be easily adjusted, it is the perfect machine for people working out at different fitness levels.

Both the seat and the chest pad are adjustable and the backrest and foot support do not need to be adjusted to accommodate a whole slew of effective exercises.

In other words, if you want to get into the best shape of your life, start working out on these best cable machines for fitness first.

If you do, you will notice a huge improvement to your overall fitness levels after just a few sessions a week for two or three weeks.