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What are keto and carb cycling diets

What are keto and carb cycling diets

What Is The Keto Cycling Diet

In basic terms, you alternate between a high-fat, low-carb diet and a high-carb intake. That might sound a bit contradictory but read more below to find out why it supposed to make sense.

Following a ketonic diet requires the person to reduce the carbs to under 50 grams a day. Now that is going to be challenging for some people, especially if you love carbs. You might want to stay clear of the diet if that proves challenging.

The carb intake goes down to the point where the body has to burn the fat for energy. That is a stark contrast to the glucose it normally burns. You have now entered the state of ketosis. Your body is relying on the deposits from your liver.

The idea is to stick with the plan for about 5-6 days. The other 2 you go on a large consumption binge. Those 2 days are meant to replenish your liver with the resources that were drained over the last 5-6 days.

Those who do the keto diet or the keto cycling diet are looking to improve muscle and overall energy performance.

More studies are required to show overall positive results. Many argue that the carb cycling keto diet is superior to the traditional keto diet.


The Carb Cycling Diet

The carb cycling diet works differently and is not to be confused with the first diet.

You have the choice to alternate carbs, daily, weekly, or monthly. The main goal is to lose fat and maintain your overall physical appearance. The idea is to use the program according to the following indicators:

You want to lose fat, but you might gain it back during the performance or muscle-building activities.

A lot of people like to maintain a high-carb intake during performance days, but lower their intake when they rest.

Some will lower their carb intake for a few days, but increase their carb levels to refeed the body later.

Exercising depends on how much you want to do. Some prefer to do high-intensity training for a few days and then rest. Others will maintain a low-intensity workout because they train more than others.

The body fat levels also depend on body type. Sometimes a leaner person will consume more. One example is carbs. Leaner people tend to consume more carbs. Those who have more muscle will reduce their carb intake.

An example of a typical carb day(for some)is two high-carb days, two moderate-carb days, and three low-carb days. You have to do with what works best for your body type. It is also good to speak to a trainer about what works best for your training.

Don’t know what foods to buy? Don’t worry. Simply check out this video to see what you can potentially eat on a ketogenic diet: