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An Easy Guide to Choosing the Right Wave Brush

An Easy Guide to Choosing the Right Wave Brush

Among the top things that people notice about you on a first encounter is your hair. Neat well-done hair speaks volumes. For this reason, women or men who rock waves are always looking for the perfect wave brush to create high-quality and stunning waves.

What is a Wave brush?

If you are wearing your hair in waves, maintaining and keeping your hair in excellent condition using a regular brush can be a difficult task, it could destroy your hair.

A wave brush is specially created for the wavy hair. Its shape and bristles are designed to create a perfect wave pattern in the hair. This particular brush is designed to control, shape, and define your waves.

The wave brush can be used on its own or with additional styling.

Choosing the Right Wave Brush

Like any other tool out there, there is a wide variety of wave brushes to choose from. As a beginner, it’s easy to assume that any wave brush in the market could serve your needs, but you couldn’t be more wrong.

The next time you’re out shopping, pay attention to the following details.


The bristles can be soft to medium. Your choice depends on your type of hair. Medium soft bristles may be irritating to those with short and fine hair but work better for those with thicker and longer hair.

However, stay away from the extremely tough bristles; they could destroy your hair.


A round wave brush increases the volume of your hair. They also smooth long hair making it look thinner and more manageable.

The paddle brush which is larger and flatter covers large areas of hair at once. Its shape can limit versatility

The handle is optional and depends on its convenience for you. Beginners would, however, be more comfortable with handles.


The vented wave brush allows for air to pass through it which is convenient if you are using a dryer. The air constantly passing through it, it further allows for the hair to be styled into deeper and more pronounced waves.

Other wave brushes are double-sided. It saves time and the hustle of juggling two types of wave brushes. The combination depends on your needs, for instance, soft bristles on one side and rather coarse bristles on the other.


The best bristles should be made of natural boar material which is softer and firmer than regular brushes. But you could find others made out of goat or horse hair which is equally good. However, stay away from nylon, it encourages frizziness and is less durable.

For the body, wood is lighter on the hand and is less likely to snap, and it also does not heat up when used with heat styling tools.

The best wave brush is subjective, pay attention to the texture of the bristles, its shape, design, and the material of the body and bristles, with the right tool you can rock those waves with confidence.