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The Benefits of A Lice Repellent Band

The Benefits of A Lice Repellent Band

Their Guardians

As parents and guardians, the biggest concern is always the health of our children. We take every precaution imaginable to make sure they are safe from danger. Vaccinations, training wheels, seatbelts, child-safety locks and even band-aids are all on our list of things that keep children from harm whether it be physical, mental and even biological. Sooner or later though, children grow up and have to go school. Protecting them from whatever is in school becomes the hard part as now, more than ever, kids are exposed to things they were never faced with in the safety of their homes. One of the most common dangers is head lice.

The Dangers of Head Lice

While we would like to think that there are other parents who share the same level of concern for their own kids as well as our kids, we can’t always have faith in other parents like that. The unfortunate truth is that there are some parents who don’t think head lice is all that big of a deal and they would be right to some extent. Often times, even if you check your kid’s head on a daily basis, lice can go under the radar, especially if the itching doesn’t really bother your child. For some kids, the itching can become a regular nuisance which can lead to infections that are caused by excessive scratching. Another risk of head lice is that, if unnoticed and left untreated, can turn into body lice. Compared to head lice, body lice is much more aggressive in the dangers it can pose to your child, you and others. Much like head lice, it can spread to others real easily however, unlike head lice, it can spread diseases such as trench fever and relapsing fever.


While your child can easily contract lice, you can also easily prevent it. Obviously using the right shampoo and keeping up good hygiene is a factor in keeping your child lice free. But much like lice repellent sprays, lice repellent shampoo can come with risks in their own ways like allergic reactions, simply making the issue somewhat worse, or just simply not working. A safer solution to invest in for your child are head lice repellent hair bands. Lice headbands are a good way to keep your child’s hair lice free even if their classmates’ hair isn’t. The headbands are infused with a different combination of essential oils like citronella, rosemary, tea tree, lavender, geraniol, lavadula and lemongrass along with a few other oils. Usually the combination depends on the brand you decide to buy from but the oils work to ward away lice and their eggs. The use of natural oils also means that these bands are free from pesticides. Whole they may not be a permanent solution, only lasting a week and some change, there are a natural alternative for your keeping your child’s head lice free.