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How You Should Exercise

How You Should Exercise
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Exercise is necessary as it can make you feel healthier and stronger. Before you go to the gym to start your workout, check out these tips:

1) Consult your doctor so you’ll know which exercises you’d need to avoid. This is especially necessary if you’re suffering from lung problems, heart diseases, arthritis, etc.

2) Wear comfortable clothes that are not going to restrict your movements.

3) Drink plenty of water before you start exercising. Water will let your muscles work effectively and likewise help you sweat more.

4) Do some warm up exercises before you start your intense exercises.

5) Try aerobic exercises first to enhance blood flow. These are often low-intensity exercises that last longer. Examples of aerobic exercises are climbing the stairs, jumping jacks, and swimming.

6) Perform some anaerobic exercises to help your body build more strength. Examples of anaerobic exercises are weightlifting, push-ups, and burpees.

7) Build your core muscles so you’ll get more defined abs, stronger back, and better posture.

8) Try some balance exercises such as T’ai chi and weight shifts to keep your mind and body more relaxed.

9) Perform flexibility exercises such as yoga, pilates, and stretches. These could help improve your body’s flexibility and balance.

10) If you don’t have the luxury to spend several minutes for various exercise routines, you may fit exercises in between your day-to-day activities. For example, you may do squats while cooking food or walk the stairs instead of using the elevator.


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